Saturday, January 16, 2010

Exercising my muse

My Muse Dwayne Johnson

I found in the past doing other artistic things limbers up my muse. Getting him ready to do some serious damage on a blank page. Some things include painting, sew and quilting. But as this day closes, after sitting at my sewing machine all day. He will not come out of hiding. It’s like he has decided it’s more comfortable in his little hole he retreated to months ago. Refusing to come out and play.

How will I get him to play with me? I miss him so. It was a nice feeling sitting in front of my computer and my fingers flying. Like someone else was moving through me, pouring the story on the page. I could see the action in my head, not unlike watching TV. It was one of my favorite shows. But the actors themselves have canceled it.

Tomorrow I will be setting forth on a mission to force him out into the open. Make him join me at the computer. How, I just don’t know

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