Friday, January 15, 2010

Coming to shore

How hard would it be to chuck it all and go Jack Kerouacing across the country?

Three years ago I moved across the country and my furniture took several weeks to catch up. So my dog and I sat in a spacious two-bedroom apartment, on the plush new Berber carpeted floor. Watching a newly purchased TV, sitting on its own box. I had one plate, one cup, one knife, one spoon, one fork, one pan, one sheet, one blanket and one pillow. I lived.

Was it easy? No.
Did I die without my stuff? No.

Could I do it without all my stuff? It came to me, sitting at my desk at work, lamenting my life path. A path that was shoved, pulled, pushed on me. Convenient for me. Easy for me. Wrong for me.

I choose to change my path. Many people would say, now is not the time to jump ship. With the economy a sea of uncertainty and dry land a far off dream. But how long do you hold on with both hands for your stuff. When do the people, your family becomes more important than that of salary level. I’m sick of chasing the all mighty dollar. I want to find a different way.

So I have given myself a timetable. I have goals that need to be reached in a timely manner. As these goals are realized, reached and time passes. Change is coming.

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